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It’s time to get your home ready for fall 

Fall home preparation tipsCan you believe summer is winding down? The kids are back in school, pools are counting down until Labor Day, and soon we’ll be swapping shorts for jeans and sweaters. 

Whether you’re a fan of autumn or live for hot summer nights, it’s time to get your home ready for the months ahead. 

Below is a checklist of simple things that are best to take care of now before the leaves begin to fall. That way, when it’s time to relax and take in the cool, crisp air, you can do it worry free. 

Get exterior painting done. Most exterior house painters call it a wrap when the temps start to dip. For many, they’re ready to take a break after summer’s busy season – house painting is tough work, after all. But there’s another simple reason exterior painting is done primarily in warmer months: the paint dries quicker. 

If you need exterior painting done, now is the time to call to get estimates and book any jobs. Wait any longer and painters who specialize in exterior work may be all booked until next spring. 

Go shopping for cozy bedding. This is a fun one. Bedding is one of the easiest ways to create a new look for the bedroom. And who doesn’t like a soft, new, pristine comforter? 

This year, cashmere blankets and throws are on trend. Look for them in natural, neutral colors like slate gray and ivory. Eye-catching ethnic patterns are also popular now, as are mixing and layering textures and fabrics. 

Clean the chimney and fireplace. Whether you use your fireplace on special occasions or routinely during fall and winter, you’ll want to make sure it’s clean and safe to use before you strike that match. 

The National Fire Protection Association advises having your chimney inspected once a year. A simple sweep may be all you need, and a bonus is that you’ll get to see someone working in a top hat.   

Stock up on firewood. If you invest in firewood now, you’ll save money on both the wood and the delivery. And you’ll also likely get to choose the kind of wood you want. It’s best not to wait until fall, when everyone is excited get the fireplace cracking again and is willing to pay top dollar.     

Get your furnace checked. Make sure your furnace is ready for the colder months by scheduling a furnace inspection. Change the filters before the cooler weather arrives, and have a few filters on hand so you can change them on a regular basis to keep the air clean.   

Plant bulbs for spring flowers. This is the time to plant bulbs that will light up your yard come springtime. Tulips, hyacinth, iris, and daffodil bulbs are ideal to plant now. If you wait until the ground freezes, it will be too late.  And on the topic of the outdoors, late summer is the perfect time to start a compost pile if you haven’t already. Once it fills with fall leaves, it will be great to use in your garden later on. 

Get the mudroom ready. Make sure you’ve got old towels on hand and make ample room for boots and coats. Even if you don’t have an official mudroom, you can designate an area in the garage or at an entryway to make transitioning from the outdoors to the indoors easy and mess-free. 

Soon it will be time to share ideas for holiday entertaining. But for now, with these tips, you can sit back and unwind, ready for the seasons to come.