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Classic Living Innovation - Retractable screen systems 

Cincinnati retractabvle porch screensYour outdoor living spaces are incredibly versatile and can be used for more than just soaking up the sun, dinner al fresco or relaxing in the fresh air after a long day at work. With a retractable screen system, patios and porches can be transformed into a part of your home you can enjoy in almost any weather, and they create endless possibilities when it comes to functionality. 

“Retractable screens give you the best of both worlds,” says Greg Benker of The Screen Shoppe. “There are so many advantages to having one, and they are so convenient.” 

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Say, for example, you enjoy relaxing in the bright sun on your patio after a dip in the pool but other family members prefer a patio with shade. With a retractable screen, everyone’s happy. You can open the screen when you want more sun, and then put it back down when others want shade. 

With retractable screens, your outdoor areas can used in a variety of new ways because they’re designed and custom fitted to be fully functioning for your home – completely tailored to your needs. 

For example, with retractable solar screens, outdoor areas can playrooms for toddlers, workout rooms, and even an open-aired office space you can use in the warmest part of the day or when it’s raining. 

More reasons to add a retractable screen system to your home 

Natural air conditioning. One of the biggest advantages of retractable screens is that they can naturally cool down your home. In fact, exterior shading systems can reduce cooling costs by up to 60%. 

Not only is that great news for your budget, but it’s also good news for people who prefer to cool their home naturally. They also reduce glare from the sun, making it easier to work on your computer or watch television thanks to the muted natural light. 

Protection from harmful UV rays. While it’s a lot of fun to spend time in the sun, too much sun time can be unhealthy. Retractable screens block harmful UV rays, so you can keep your family safe, especially during peak times of the day when the sun is at it’s fullest. 

And they protect your furniture, too. You can choose from a variety of fabrics depending on how much shade you prefer, but all fabrics can reduce the toll the sun takes on your outdoor furnishing and flooring.

They’re completely customizable. Just as your home was custom built, your retractable screens are, too. In fact, every screen is made to order, and feature automatic control so that with a touch of a button you can adjust the screens to fit your needs. And they can be fitted to any outdoor space – from a backyard patio or deck, to your front porch. Retractable screen systems are easy to install, too. 

With fall on its way, now is a great time to add a retractable screen system to your home. Not only can you take in the last days of summer in comfort, but you can relax outdoors rain or shine when the temps start to cool.