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Why you should choose a custom built home over a production home 

Custom vs production homesThere are big differences between a custom built home and a production home. For example, whereas custom built homes are truly unique in design, production homes involve the same – or very similarly – designed set of houses. You typically see them in subdivisions in suburban neighborhoods. Sometimes production homes bill themselves as “custom homes,” and while they usually have some custom features, they aren’t true custom homes. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with buying a production home, but if you want a house that’s designed from the foundation to the roof with your family’s needs and your unique sense of style in mind, what you’re looking for is a custom built home. 

Of course, there are many reasons to choose a custom built home over a production home. We’ve shared the top ones below. 

Biggest reasons to choose a custom built home 

You can choose your team. With a custom built home, you can either use your builder’s preferred architect or you can pick your own. The same goes for your interior designer, decorator, landscape designers, and finishers like house painters and carpenters. 

You don’t just have more choices, you have all the choices. A custom built home is completely up to you, from the light fixtures to the layout on every floor. If you’re a sun enthusiast, why not built a large deck and outdoor entertainment area? More of a car enthusiast? What about a big garage with a workspace for car projects? The possibilities are truly endless (which is why it helps to have your own designer to help you decide). 

Collaboration is key. Custom home builders love working with their clients every step of the way. Your direction, input, and opinion is considered even before the moment you break ground. Not only will your builder involve you in every process and every step, but you can connect with your builder and visit the site whenever you want. 

You’ll get a home truly built for you. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all houses. Custom built homes are as unique as the people who live in them, which is why they’re more affordable and practical than they may seem at first. When you live in a home designed to fit your changing lifestyle, you’ll want to live in it for decades to come. 

Location, location, location. Choosing to build your own home with a custom home builder means you have plenty of choices when it comes to where you want to live. Like cultural institutions and plenty of diverse shopping and dining options? Then perhaps building in an established neighborhood like Mount Lookout or Hyde Park is best for you. Looking for a more country-like setting? Take a look at Liberty Township. We build homes in all of these great locations (and more). 

Nothing but high quality products and craftsmanship. Custom home builders use only the highest quality appliances and fixtures. After all, your home is custom built, so why shouldn’t your cabinets be, too? And home builders often use the very best contractors in the community.   

Custom homes are green homes. Homes are going greener, and custom home builders are a big part of this movement. Many custom builders use LEED certified products and make designing environmentally-friendly homes that are better for the planet a top priority. And the more sustainable your home is, the more you’ll save on energy bills. 

Choosing a custom built home is the very best way to make sure the house you live in fits your lifestyle and tastes perfectly. From high-quality craftsmanship, to the very best location, to a home designed with you (and only you) in mind, nothing beats working with a custom home builder when you’re ready for the house of your dreams.